Over the time since we launched as a travel service company, we had the privilege to expand our business in an innovative way besides our travel service. Besides travel as our core business, we have expanded our horizon into the Island Resort Business as well as opening our doors as Private Island Real Estate Agency. With us, you can Travel, Invest and become financially free by partnering with our business model.

Just pay Holiday Ltd. started as a revolutionary travel service provider created by some creative entrepreneurs and network marketing professionals with its operating office in UK and Registered under the Companies House Cardiff, UK with Company Number 11443687. Just pay Holiday is a global venture not only dealing with travel but also as Private Island Real Estate Agency and open to all countries in the world.


You will find this is the most exciting concept that has totally revolutionized our business model.
Our business has the greatest earning potential to provide financial freedom most people only dream about, or even let you retire much earlier than you had thought possible.
It has great potential for immense earning and provision of financial freedom.
Just Pay Holiday deals with the provision of supreme travel service, Island Resort, and Spa Services and globally deals with buying and selling Private Island real estate around the world.


The Just Pay Holiday Ltd. team has extensive experience serving the travel and network marketing industry in Asia, Europe, and North America. The team leverages their experience to make Just Pay Holiday a great platform both for people who are enthusiastic to travel as well as business-minded individuals involved in the Network Marketing industry. The main motto of the operational management team is to ensure uninterrupted service to our valued customers, investors, and partner members who are involved in spreading the words of Just Pay Holiday Business Opportunity worldwide.

President of JPH
Adam Barker
Adam Barker is an entrepreneur and a clear trendsetter in travel and network marketing industry. He founded Just Pay Holiday Ltd and hold the chairman of the board. He is born in Hungary and residing in U.S.A. Just Pay Holiday is a brainchild while he was serving travel industry for other travel companies. With innovative compensation plan and travel service Just Pay Holiday is emerging in the island based resort business alongside.
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
T. Bozsa
As the CEO of Just Pay Holiday Ltd. , T. Bozsa is responsible for running all facets of the business. T. Bozsa has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience in the travel industry. Prior to joining Just Pay Holiday, T. Bozsa has served a renowned travel company which helped the company increasing revenue 200% in the last 3 years. As CEO of Just Pay Holiday , T. Bozsa his goal will be ensuring business growth as well maintain and overseeing all operations and expansions. Closely working with the board to ensure smooth operations of all areas. T. Bozsa has a strong and successful history with various startups in the travel, food service, leisure, and fitness industry.
CMO - Chief Marketing Officer
C. Jadczak
C. Jadczak has over 15 years of experience in communication with B2B and B2C clients on local and international level, cooperating with multinationals, local market leaders to startups. He has been as a key part of Few successful Network Marketing Companies consultant. Love for communication, Marketing and Direct Selling brought him into sales and marketing field in the first place. He has a strong passion for Network Marketing, cryptocurrencies and traveling, which enables him to coordinate with Just Pay Holiday as a Chief Marketing Officer and serving Worldwide community.He is responsible for working with leaders and entrepreneurs around the world who will indepently promote Just Pay Holiday Business.
Head of Public Relations
H. Boyle
H. Boyle is a world traveller, he has always allowed the compass to guide him. He has started his career as airline Customer service at a very young age and served as a public relation officer for one of the most leading Airline operating now based in Middle East. He is an entrepreneur in blood and joined Just Pay Holiday Team to enhance its expansion and co ordinating the business with the travel service providers and partners of Just Pay Holiday. He has extensive experience in managing service partners in the travel industry for last 15 Years. Bringing all these experiences to his role with Just Pay Holiday, H. Boyle could not be more excited to help our Community achieve the life of their dreams!


Compnay Active Form United Kingdom ( UK )
Company number 11443687


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