About JPH Beach Resort and Spa

JPH Beach Resort & SPA will be a partnership limited liability business company under the umbrella of Just Pay Holiday Ltd. in which the major owner will have unlimited liability. The company will provide the facilities to run a resort(300 Villas and Bungalows), conference rooms, restaurant and SPA among other services such as business center, laundry, and others. The resort will be convenient located to have direct access to the beach nearby the top class facilities in Maldive, often called paradise on earth.Highly professional team of expertise and contractors will be hired to complete the project.

The JPH Beach Resort & SPA will target revenues about $5 million in the first year of operation with a net profit after tax of $500 thousands (American Dollars). The estimated year to year revenue growth is 4% which is aligned not only with the local but also international standard.

The company will require an initial funding of $30 million in order to cover the capital investment for private island in Maldive, resort building materials and equipments. The company will target profitability since year one; although, net cash will remain a remarkable point of concern until the initial funding is paid back to the investors. Gross margin is expected to hit above 75% in year one which could be considered in line with the local industry benchmark.

About JPH Private Islands

Welcome to JPH Private Islands, the foremost global marketplace for private island listings and sales. Whether you are in the market to purchase your dream island or ready to sell your prized property, we are dedicated to the world of private islands buying and selling private islands through our trusted investors’ network.Representing the largest majority of islands available for sale & buy, JPH Private Island is an international real estate agency exclusively to island properties. JPH Private Islands is a subsidiary of Just Pay Holiday Ltd.

JPH works with representatives who are closest to the island, be it the owner or agent, ensuring that you are always dealing with the most experienced and knowledgeable parties. The relationships we have established with regional island experts is your gateway to accessing currently unadvertised properties and ensures that you are receiving the most up-to-date island for your own purchase, resell or invest in our state of the art program.

We are introducing an innovative island share program for the retail investors to participate where we allocate shares in each island listed for selling. We acquire private islands through our networks for sale to buyers and with the capital from our retail investors, we are able to acquire more deals in the marketplace.Participating investors get monthly returns on their invested amount and when the property is sold they get the incentive and capital return with profits.


Our mission is to provide more value to the marketplace keeping the interest in mind for our Island owners, buyers, and our investors.JPH Private Island is an innovative and state of the art program especially made for retail investors accessing the private island real estate industry.

Investors and Partners

Just Pay Holiday Ltd. The Board of investors and directors are the primary shareholders of this project. All share against an island listed for sale is offered as Island public share offerings exclusively available to Just Pay Holiday Members, Business Promoters. This is an ongoing offering as we have a continuous inventory of property from the marketplace.


The price of the island Public Share of JPH Private Islands is decided by the board of directors and partners. Each Public share value is USD $100 per share. Based on the value of the property shares are allocated against listed properties as internal public shares of JPH Private Island. The primary qualification to be part of this amazing program is to participate in our internal public sharing offerings through the packages offered which starts from 30 Shares up to 100 Shares in each Package(Details can be found in the Public Share holder’s benefits Section).


Other Management Considerations
The JPH PRIVATE ISLAND will adopt a cross-functional teamwork approach to manage not only the day to day activities but also current and new PRIVATE ISLAND SOURCING and developments. Having representatives from various departments clearly has its advantages; but most important, effective teams must have the nurture and support of the management team.



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